support for national and international events


1981 - at just 17 years old - Wolfram Faust astonished the German canoe racing world, when
he and his partner, Ralf Wienand, took fourth place at the European Championships.
Many further national and international achievements followed, the highlights being his
successful participation at the Olympic Games 1984 in Los Angeles (4th place) and
1988 in Seoul (5th place), as well as winning the bronze medal at the World Championships 1986.

Even after the end of his active career as high performance athlete, Wolfram Faust's enthusiasm
for water sport remained unbroken.
Fascinated by the team sport which involves up to 50 people sitting in a boat and paddling, supported
by a drummer and a cox, Wolfram Faust was a key driving force behind the dragon boat ascendency
in Europe - and continued his athletic career by winning the dragon boat World Championship five times!

In 1996 Wolfram Faust founded his event agency, allowing his clients to benefit
from the unparalleled experience of a multiple world champion.

The company has now been organizing and executing dragon boat events all over Europe
for decades, comprising up to 2,500 active participants in 30 boats simultaneously.

In addition, Faust's agency provides European and World dragon boat Championships with
all boat modells and complete accessories, as well as his expert support during the event.

World Championships (PL), (D), (F),

World Games Duisburg (D),

European Championships (NL), (I), (PL)